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  • Client

    Zakłady kablowe BITNER Sp. z o.o.

  • Location


  • Construction

    2001 - 2018

  • Area

    35 000m2

Industrial facility situated in Trzyciąż by a national road connecting Skała and Wolbrom, the premises used to belong to state-owned POM. Initially, the developing production plant made use of the existing developments covering the space of approximately 2000 sq.m. Parallel to the expansion of the company, adaptation and construction of new production halls, warehouses, welfare facilities, and office spaces became a necessity, another one being the care for the proper functional and spatial, and transport relations both within individual buildings and the entire premises.

The first “major” investment was the development of the office space based on the existing building. In 2001, the company acquired a representative hall and a number of high-class office spaces. To this moment, the manufacturer has increased its production and warehousing space to 14,000 sq.m. The style of the newly designed and constructed buildings is a direct implementation of industrial aesthetics.