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  • Client


  • Location

    Ul. Bronowicka, Kraków

  • Construction


  • Area

    1 600 m2

Winner of Investor Competition

The office building is situated on Kraków’s ul. Bronowicka and is situated in a very visible location next to the flyover over ul. Armii Krajowej and opposite the Church of St John of Kanti. The compact form of the building is inspired by marine themes. The building consists of three above-ground storeys and an underground car park. The office building was designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete construction of column and slab structure, which allows the free arrangement of the office space, while the heating and ventilation are based on a heat pump and an efficient recuperation system. The building façades are designed from prefabricated glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) slabs. Our design of the Bronowicka Boat office building won a competition organised by the developer.