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  • Client

    INTech Kraków

  • Location

    Zabierzów k. Krakowa

  • Construction

    2003 - 2004

  • Area

    1 800 m2

The warehouse and office facility situated in Brzezie (Zabierzów Commune) in an area zoned for commercial purposes. In a district associated strongly with villa and suburban developments. Both the form of the office section – referring directly to the tradition of houses in the Kraków–Częstochowa Jurassic Plateau with all their attributes – and the treatment of the external walls of the warehouse section are attempts at a dialogue with the context of the site: an attempt at adjustment both to the scale and the character of traditional single-family houses typical for the area through the division and variation of the buildings tectonics.

The project combines traditional form with contemporary technologies and architectural detail to achieve an out-of-the-ordinary effect, namely, the impression of crossing a small town with a row of houses situated along the street.